Pioneer and visionary, Madame Pérèle opened her Parisian workshop in 1948. This talented corsetmaker had a mission: to provide real women with women with fashionable lingerie that was both elegant and comfortable. 

In 1960, Simone Pérèle pioneered the use of Lycra lace in bras and lingerie. This new line, called Sole Mio (Only Me) with its previously unseen material, set a new high bar for the industry the image of each woman by adpating itself to their every movement and guaranteeing full comfort with their figures.

By the early 2000's Simone Pérèle launched a line called Andora, the first line using 3D Spacer fabric. 

Today, Simone Pérèle is on the leading edge of both fabric development and precision designed clothing. Since their launch 71 years ago, one Simone Pérèle bra is bought each minute in the world.

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