How Can I Tell if my Bra Fits Properly?

Deciding whether it’s time for a new bra can be challenging. Sometimes the cups can be a little big, but the the band can the perfect size. Or sometimes, it may be hard to say goodbye to your favourite bra. The key to finding the perfect bra is being properly fitted by a bra specialist, but if you’re at home and wondering whether it’s time to throw away the old and welcome the new, here are a few tips.

How Can I Tell if the Straps Fit?

The straps of your bra should fit comfortably on your shoulders, without digging into you or falling down.

  • For loose fit: Try tightening the straps to a comfortable fit to ensure they stay on. Over time, bras begin to stretch from normal wear so you may be finding yourself adjusting straps more frequently. If you continue to have issues with loose fitting straps, it may be time to find a new bra
    • TIP: Demi, convertible and full cup bras tend to have narrow straps which help prevent straps from falling off.
  • For Tight Fit: If you feel your bra straps are digging into your shoulders, this means it’s time for a new bra. The band of the bra should be the one that holds all of the support, so if the straps are too tight it means the bra has stretched out and needs to be replaced.

How Can I Tell if the Cup Fits?

The cup of the bra should mold to the shape of your breast, so if there’s a gap or spill on the tops or sides of the bra, you may need to go down or up a cup size.

  • If you have gap: The easiest solution is to try and adjust the straps, sometimes tightening can do the trick! If this doesn’t work, you may need to try to go a cup size down.
    • TIP: Some breast shapes may still cause small gaps, try using a plunge or push-up style bra
  • If you have spillage: If you find that your breast spills over the cup, it’s time for a new bra. Going up a cup size should fix the problem! Same goes for if you’re having issues with side overflow - go up a cup size.
    • TIP: If you find that you’re still having issues with side overflow, the wire of the bra may be the culprit. Sometimes if the band is too big, the wire of the bra will sit on the breast causing overflow. The easiest trick is going up a cup size while going down a band size.


How Can I Tell if the Band Fits?

The band on your bra should be fitted on the loosest hook, so you’re able to tighten the band as it stretches naturally over time. It should fit snug underneath your bust without feeling too tight.

  • TIP: You should be able to fit two fingers underneath the back of the band
  • Band Rides-up: If you find that the band of your bra is too high up on your back, this means your band is too loose. Try going down a band size to see if this eliminates your problem
    • TIP: If you’re having troubles with an old bra, you can tighten the clasp in the back, since regular wear will loosen the band. If this doesn’t do the trick, you have some shopping to do!

Remember: a bra should offer support from the band and not from the cup or straps. We hope these tips help in deciding whether its time for a new a bra and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have! If you’re still unsure whether your bra fits you properly, come by and say hello to our bra specialists so we are able to assist you in a complimentary bra fitting and show you some beautiful options within our inventory.